Dream's meaning.

Snow - it is rather a negative omen, often associated with low temperature and white color symbolizes death, emptiness, loneliness and feeling cool. Because of the link to Christmas it can also detect a positive meanings.
A dream in which we play, we play in any of the winter playground promises and exhilarating experience of sexual union.
If you dream you can see the white snow-covered wilderness, the dream has a color negative, since it means then the loneliness, coldness, stagnation of life and even death.
Vision stąpającego someone in the snow and promises death.
Dream of roztapianym snow on the dreamer's body testifies to its internal transformations, increasing feelings, emotional warming.
Represents a vision of snow avalanches imminent explosion of emotions. This information about repressed feelings that are looking for ways estuary.
In terms of snow means the problem of sexual potency, cooling the drives.
Dream of falling flakes of snow promises to improve fate.
A dream in which we see the picturesque, snowy landscape announce our secluded hideaway.
Snow storm dreamed heralds hard times, but the dreamers will be able to survive.
If you are dreaming about fighting the snow balls, then a dream is a warning not to let yourself be persuaded to evil.
View Snowman with snow may herald a cold partner.
Vision, in which lepimy idol gives an indication that for some time remain indifferent.

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